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Youth Know How Mentoring

The Youth Know How Mentoring Program is based on the College Campus Mentoring Program (CCMP) developed in 2007 by Stacey Gurian-Sherman and Students Taking A New Direction (STAND) at Johns Hopkins University. Now, this successful model has been adapted so those in other organizations and associations can start mentoring programs or become mentors. This includes organizational volunteers and board members, faith-based groups, sororities and fraternities, professional associations, and retirees.

Mentors are matched to youth who meet two hours each week. The session begins with one hour of academic support, followed by an additional hour of socializing. The unique blend of individual and group mentoring allows mentors and youth to build and advance relationship.

The following topic areas can be included in a training to start a mentoring program or to train mentors. All written materials are based on the needs of the training, and are included as part of the training.

Contact SET to discuss how a training can be tailored for your organization.

Youth Outreach And Participation

  • Info sessions and open houses
  • Youth choice and screening
  • Youth interest forms and application
  • Parental waiver and consent forms
  • Barriers to participation   

Organizational Support

  • Staff support for mentoring
  • Staff referral process and forms
  • MOUs with partnering organizations

Mentor Recruitment

  • Mentor Application
  • Background checks
  • Screening and selection
  • Contract  

Mentor Training

  • What makes a good mentor
  • Effective praise
  • Communications & consistency
  • Strategies for academic support
  • Strategies for socializing
  • Risk and protective factors
  • Developmental Assets
  • Special populations
  • Cultural competency
  • Role plays
  • Family dynamics
  • Providing feedback
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